Mobile Customer Engagement Platform

To succeed in our increasingly mobile world, you need to be able to reach customers in their mobile moments of need. Through technology that can handle quick changes and cut time to market, you can get closer to your most loyal customers. How? Introducing BrandSphere™, the easy-to-implement mobile platform that helps you build deeper connections with your customers and maintain those connections for lifelong customer engagement. Your customers get instant access to everything they need, while you get insightful data to strengthen customer relationships and improve communication.

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New Mobile Media Channel

Deliver targeted offers, surveys, and other communications directly to customers

Targeted in-app interactive communication capability supports use of data-driven insight to improve customer engagement, drive brand loyalty and even guide product evolution.

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Reduce Customer Effort

Quick & easy customer access to information and resources

Consumers effortlessly connect with product information and resources throughout your entire ecosystem

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Deeper Customer Insight

Opt-in user data and in-app behavior

Each time a product owner interacts with your product you gain valuable insight into customer interests, product performance, buying trends and much more.

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Marketing Solutions


  • New 1 to 1 media channel
  • Simplified registration process
  • Smart Product Identities
  • Customer-service mapping
  • Cloud-based system


  • Direct communication access to customers
  • Increased customer engagement
  • Deeper customer
  • Improved customer effort scores
  • 24/7 anywhere instant access

Leadership Team

Photo john harden

John Harden

Global Director BrandSphere

John Harden (Director BrandSphere)- John holds an MBA in Technology Management from UOP and a Bachelor of Science from UNC-W. John has a proven ability to innovate with numerous patented products developed to solve market needs in a variety of markets including life science, brand protection, document security and print on demand. He has used this innovative ability to drive several new agile product launches (mobile applications, big-data, digital marketing, B2B & B2C and e-commerce), three business units (Life Science Vertical, Specialty Materials and Mobile Customer Engagement) along with four start-up companies.

Photo frank perissi

Frank X. Perissi

Vice President Strategic Alliances

Frank X. Perissi is the Vice President of the Strategic Alliances organization. International award winning professional with a high level of creativity, and exceptional ability to form lasting relationships with customers. Business development & marketing management executive, working with both public and privately held companies with the knowledge of 19 years of repeated success cultivating and managing multiple million-dollar key accounts. “Your customer doesn't care how much you know until they know how much you care”

Products and Services

Img product brandsphere brand portal

Mobile Customer Engagement Platform

Reach your customers in their "Mobile Moments of Need" by providing all the information and resources they need through a simple to use web portal. Your customers interact through their mobile devices with your product specific information, support resources and digital communications. BrandSphere effectively delivers marketing tools and services to improve customer engagement, customer effort scores and increase brand loyalty. In-app customer interactions create big data opportunities to gain valuable customer and market insight.

Img product brandsphere mobile app

Branded mobile apps and web portals

Consumers are often frustrated by the hassle it takes to find needed information about the products they own. BrandSphere™ provides an easy way for them to get product specific access to everything they need about the products they own. With our free consumer applications your customers use our simple "add product" button to build a list your products they own and in 2-taps get:

  • How-to-videos
  • Warranty information
  • User manuals
  • Product registration
  • Customer Service
  • Special offers
  • Order Parts and accessories
  • Safety information

Img product professional services

Professional Services

Supplement internal teams with SR's talent and experience. With 100+ years experience, SR supports end-to-end marketing including events, campaigns, product launches, and more.

Img product data analytics

Data and Analytics

Simplify data management across the proliferation of marketing technologies. And turn insight into action with powerful, relevant conversations across every channel and device.

BrandSphere is a product by Standard Register

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