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All your product information is now available in just two clicks

  • Quickly accessible from one app
  • Powered by a trusted resource
  • Up-to-date and accurate
  • Anytime from anywhere
  • There when you need it most

And, it's completely free!

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Quickly access trusted product information

Find what you need, when you need it most.

How can I keep track of all my product warranties and user guides?

You no longer need to hassle through papers or websites to quickly gather the information you need, because it's always with you, in your pocket.

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Who can show me how to maintain and service my equipment?

Our trusted product information is accurate, up-to-date and comes directly from the brands themselves.

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What's the right way to install my new car seat?

We not only connect you to the right information, we also connect you to brand information that let's you know what else you can buy to make traveling safer for your family.

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Where can I find all the serial numbers to file my insurance claim?

If a fire, robbery or natural disaster strikes, the last thing you want to do is try and locate serial numbers for your high-value products. You'd really appreciate having all those serial numbers filed online in a secure portal.

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How can I be sure this isn't a knock-off?

You may be vulnerable to buying a counterfeit and fraudulent item. What if there was a secure ID mark on your products that could assure you that you were getting the real, authentic brand?

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How can I get special offers and coupons related to my purchase?

Your first purchase of a brand's item is the beginning of what should be a long and trusted relationship. You want to feel appreciated, so what better way than to receive special offers for other products and services?

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Accessing your product information
has never been easier

Find Your Products

Scan ID or UPC, search by info, or just let us do the work for you

Claim Your Products

Save to "My Products" and register to get warranties from brands

Access When Needed

Return to view product information whenever you need it most

Stay Up-to-date

Product updates, recalls and exclusive offer notifications

Register ownership for product warranties

Maintain serial numbers for insurance purposes

Order replacement parts or consumables online

Learn about new models and accessories

The BrandSphere™ Trusted ID

BrandSphere™ was designed with you, and your needs, in mind. To simplify your life even more, we have created the BrandSphere™ trusted ID. Products marked with our ID bring even more value your experience and product ownership. The added value is only a scan away.

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